The 5 Most Outdated SEO Strategies That Are Crushing Your Website’s Potential

The 5 Most Outdated SEO Strategies that Are Crushing Your Websites Potential The 5 Most Outdated SEO Strategies That Are Crushing Your Websites Potential

As a good website manager you know that it’s imperative to constantly create new content for your website to be viewed as relevant to the SERPs. However, what if you’re creating the type of content that’s doing more harm for your website’s online presence than it is doing great things for your positioning on the SERPs?

Have you ever felt a nagging feeling in the back of your mind as you write a press release about your business’ new business card template that perhaps you’re writing the type of content that’s more embarrassing for your brand than it is up building for its reputation?

If you’ve been looking to find out if your old SEO strategies are outdated, you’ve come to the right place! This article discusses the 5 most laughably outdated SEO strategies that you need to stop right NOW if you want to maintain your SERP ranking and avoid crushing your online presence.

Outdated SEO strategy 1: Keyword stuffing.
Why this is no longer acceptable: Thanks to the search engines becoming smarter after the release of the infamous Google algorithms Penguin and Panda, the search engines are now relatively able to recognize when a website is coming off as ‘spammy’; an absolute no-no if you’re trying to get to the top of the SERPs.
In fact, if any single webpage on your website contains a keyword more than a “natural” amount of times (usually around 1-3%), you run the risk of being penalized heavily by the search engines and losing traffic to your site.
The modern SEO solution: Instead of stuffing a short highly-competitive targeted keyword a pre-prescribed amount of times, simply focus on targeting long-tail key phrases which are more likely to help you gain organic traffic.

Outdated SEO strategy 2: Writing press releases when you have nothing important to say.
Why this is no longer acceptable: Everything online is now centered upon creating a better user experience. What does that mean? Anything that isn’t seen as new or exciting isn’t worth reporting as “breaking news”.  Labeling bland or every day news about your brand as “breaking news” or of worthy of a press release (when you know it isn’t) also affects your business’ reputation online. Remember the story about “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”? If your business writes a press release every time one of your employees so much as sneezes, no one’s going to pay attention when your brand really does have something important to announce.
The modern SEO solution: We’re not saying not to create press releases. However, we are suggesting that you reserve this method of content creation for when your business does something impressive. Remember, content creation isn’t an easy thing to do and when it comes to what the internet considers to be valuable, your business would do better to create less content which is of very high quality than a ton of it which is nothing more than mediocre.

Outdated SEO strategy 3: Implementing tactics without the use of analytics.
Why this is no longer acceptable: Mindless “Black Hat” tactics using mere combinations of tricks prescribing X-amount of this and that just don’t work anymore.
The modern SEO solution: If you want to truly start working on creating an SEO plan of action which will yield enduring results, you must take the time to set-up an analytics tracker (i.e. Google Analytics) and begin to keep track of how your various actions affect your website’s traffic and audience.

Outdated SEO strategy 4: Writing for search engines and not for people.
Why this is no longer acceptable: If you’ve been doing SEO for any number of years, you can probably bet that there are some parts of your website that come off as being robotic. Thanks to tactics of time past, too much emphasis was placed on getting a website to the top of the SERPs and not enough on creating the type of content that helped people get an answer to their query.
The modern SEO solution: Use your targeted long-tail key phrase to inspire your article topics. If you use a targeted long-tail key phrase as your inspiration, you’re less likely to drown your content with an unnatural amount of mentions of your targeted key phrase.

Outdated SEO strategy 5: Submitting articles to online directories no one even uses.
Why this is no longer acceptable: What constitutes a respected article has been redefined by Google altogether. Simply posting your content on multiple directories isn’t going to cut it. You have to show the search engines that others are finding your content worthy of being read.
The modern SEO solution: Online directories are still valuable for spreading the word about your brand. However, the number of directories which are useful for being found is very limited. Do you need a tangible list of online directories that your business should be listed on? Check out This resource helps small businesses by informing them of the online directories which are most used in their area and how strong their presence is on those directories.

Are you guilty of using any of these outdated SEO tactics? Have you been harmed by any of the updated to the Google algorithms because of it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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